An awesome video but also a sad crash

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About the Maldives video

In April 2016 my wife and I went for the 1st time in vacation to the beautiful Maldives.
For the 1st time I brought with me also my 1st DJI drone (DJI Phantom 3 Advanced),
which I bought only 1 month and a half before the trip and used it for about 6 hours.

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Video on YouTube

If you haven't seen it yet, please watch the video. At best it is viewed with sound.
The video is available in 1440p (2.7K), 1080p (full HD), 720p.

On 2016-06-09 my video got featured on Epic Drone Videos and I'm quite proud of it!
Check it out here if you are curious: DroneZurich Maldives on Epic Drone Videos

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For details about our trip and how I crashed the drone,
scroll down, check the pictures and see the end...

1st island: Rasdhoo

After arriving to Male, the capital of the Maldives, we took a speed boat and in about 1 hour and 45 minutes we arrived to Rasdhoo.
There we were welcomed and introduced to our guest house. Of course the first think I wanted to do was to film the island with my drone! ;)

After the 1st sunset in the Maldives, the sky looked like this.

1st day: snorkeling trip. Boat organized by our guest house.

2nd day: diving.

Rasdhoo in its beauty: viewed from North-West.

Rasdhoo viewed from the South: Bikini beach.

East from Bikini beach: no bikinis allowed here.

Next to Rasdhoo: Kuramathi island resort.

2nd island: Daravandhoo

We had to take the speed boat to the capital and from there we took a domestic flight to Dharavandhoo.
The domestic flight took about 30 minutes. An island with an airport... is it allowed to fly a drone there you may wonder?
I asked and everybody said yes, but in any case not in front or behind the runways.

1st trip: a few kilometers North-East from Dharavandhoo.

Dhonfanu island.

Hanifaruah island.

Kihaadhuffaru: Kihaad resort island.

After the 1st boat trip, back to the guest house it was windy, but I wanted to make a short flight and film this area...

...bad idea: the drone was facing me and I was ready to make it ascend and backwards for a nice flyaway sequence.
I was focusing on the app and didn't notice that the wind was moving the drone towards the palm tree.
When I realized it I paniced and instead of making flying backwards (to fight the wind),
I moved the throttle down: so the wind pushed the drone to the tree: it collided and felt in the sea.
All of this happened just a few meters from the sore, so I jumped in the water and took the drone out.
I tried to switch off the battery by pressing its button, but it didn't switch off.
I heard some "bzz" sounds and felt some smell of burnt stuff. At that moment I removed the battery.
Later I actually discovered that removing the battery while it's still switched on it's not a problem at all.
At that moment begun my nightmare: checking in the drone forums what to do in a salt water crash...

Before attempting anything again: I had to dry it.

Even better: in the forums everybody recommended to let the drone sit in some rice for a few days.
Rice absorbs water very well. The sun helps too. I let it dry for 48 hours.

The staffs were very helpful and found a kit to disassemble the drone, so I could dry it better.
I really appreciated their compassion and they kept my mood positive even after the disaster.

After a few days in Dharavandhoo a drone pilot showed up for a production and he helped as well.
He tried to insert his battery into my drone, just to see that one motor seemed toasted.
I could definitively not fly anymore. At least I didn't lose the footage I took!
Back at home, at a hobby shop an expert working there could see that 2 ICs were toasted (see red circle in the picture). So even if I would change the motor, the electricity would go there all the time and toast it again...
As it's not really possible to change ICs on the Phantom 3 board, I'd have to replace the board.
But I'd need to replace also the Phantom identification chip. And maybe the camera would not work.
That's it, the drone was totaled. I decided to stop flying and to create an awesome video.
The production of "Maldives" took about 1 month in my spare time in the evenings after work.